9 Ways to Work From Home and Make Money Online

9 Ways to Work From Home and Make Money Online

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I want to work from home and make money.This question is arise every day in my mind. People have made millions on the internet. People are making millions on the internet, and people will continue to make millions on the internet. The internet offers a lot of earning potential to work from home.

Ways to work from home and make money


I will highly recommend this work because there is no investment. If you take it seriously, you can easily earn five figures per month. That’s Good news.

The bad news is that freelance work is competitive. Give you an idea of how competitive it is, there are more than 1,000,00 freelancers in the writing field, and numbers are increasing. 

Most demand Freelance Position

  1. Writing: It includes blog posts, articles, press releases,white papers, newsletters, etc.
  2. Programming: WordPress, Joomla, and MY SQL, PHP, Ruby, and Rails, etc.
  3. Internet Marketing: SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Powerpoint presentation, etc.
  4. Graphic Design: Webdesign, Infographics, video, logo design, business card design, etc.
  5. Customer service: Data entry, Web research, accounting, and transcription, etc.

Here I am listing some great freelancing websites.


 It is an Australia based platform. You can find and hire freelancers. It is effortless to use and user friendly. You can register for free, and thousands of job vacancies posted every day.

People Per Hour: 

It is a UK based Company. People per hour has over 1 million freelancers that used their service. It is free for freelancers but very challenging. You always have to improve and set a reasonable price. Jobs are either hourly or fixed type.


Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance platform for small services. Everything here costs $5. It is an excellent place to make some extra cash if you can do something that makes you stand out. The exciting part is it offers you free learning courses to develop your skills and increase your knowledge. It also teaches you how to approach clients.


It is founded in 1998 in Pittsburgh, United States.Another popular freelance website where freelancers can show their expertise and find jobs.

99 designs: 

If you can make your design stand out, then this platform is for you. Businesses post their design jobs, you provide a mockup, and they choose their favorite.

Affiliate Marketing:

Work From Home

Who says you need your product to sell and earn money online. The concept of affiliate marketing means you will earn once you sell products of other people. You will get a commission for selling products. Exciting right? Top Affiliate marketers like pat Flynn(smart passive income) and John Chow sell other products and earn money. The great thing is that you do not need to invest time and effort to make a product, you have to get customers through an affiliate link, and on every sale, you will get a commission.

Here I am listing some Affiliate platform where you can earn a commission.


 It is a popular affiliate marketing place. Clickbank has paid out nearly 2 billion dollars to its publishers and affiliates over last 10 years. It has a wide selection of products in every niche. Do the research and choose the product for sale; definitely, you will earn a handsome amount.

 Amazon associates: 

It is another tremendous affiliate marketing program. It is completely free for bloggers and website owners. Here, when someone clicks on your affiliate link and buy products from Amazon, you will get a commission. You can earn up to 9% commission per sale.

eBay Partner Network: 

This program doesn’t get a lot of buzzes, but it can be profitable in the right niches.

Apple affiliate program: 

I am sure that you didn’t know that you can make money for promoting iTunes, apps, and movies. It is just about any digital product that Apple sells.


It is a web hosting service company. Anyone can join no fees. They paid over $5 million in commissions last year. It is very simple to promote it on your website with banner and links. If anyone clicks through links or banner and signs up, you will get $65. It is one of my best affiliate marketing program.


It is the same as Bluehost. To join this program, you need to fill the signup form. Use social media,website, blog to promote Hostgator’s link, and earn money. You can earn 21000 Indian rupees per month just by referring.


If you want to turn your passion into profit, then the answer is blogging. Through blogging, you can earn money, increase brand awareness of your business. You’ll notice that prominent blogger like Neil Patel and Matthew Woodward they choose a niche topic that they are passionate about and make money from it. So, you have to choose a specific niche to earn money from a blog. It is best method to work from home and earn money.

Here I am listing out some great hosting platforms to create a blog.


It is my favorite and very user-friendly CMS(content management system) in the world. You can host your blog free (yourblog.wordpress.com) and paid(If you are serious, then you will need your domain name and host).

Go daddy: 

It is a great leader in domain name registration. It provides fast, secure web hosting. You can buy a domain starting from 99rs.


It is another powerful CMS alternative to WordPress.

Additionally,Here I am sharing 5 best blogging platform to create a blog.

Paid Surveys:

Paid surveys are the easiest way to make money online. Many companies rely on people like you sharing opinions, and in return, they get money and rewards.

You have to careful because people do scam and they will not pay you money. But, don’t worry, here I am sharing you trusted paid survey websites.


Swagbucks founded in 2008 and the most reliable survey site. They have paid $5549497 in rewards to the people around the world.

Here, you have to collect the SB points. You can get 30-150 SB Points per survey, and it takes around 10 minutes to complete. Why wait? Signup and earn bucks.

i say: 

It is one of the largest online survey community and working with reputed and trusted brands around the world.

Once you finished the survey, in return, you will get Amazon vouchers, Flipkart gift cards, Bigbazar gift cards, etc.


It is one of the best and oldest survey companies in the world. It is a good-paying survey platform generally sends 2 or 3 surveys per week; you can get cash or prizes in rewards. If you want to withdraw the cash minimum balance should be 10$  in your account.

One poll: 

One poll is known for quick surveys about various topics. You can get the money through PayPal.It takes around 3 minutes to complete the survey.

Other survey sites.

  • Lifepoints
  • Inboxpounds
  • Opinion outpost
  • Panel opinion
  • Panelbase

PPC Marketing:

If you want to drive traffic in minutes to your website, then this method is for you. Through PPC, you can advertise for your products and service on Google and other platforms. To become successful in PPC, you need to keep trying on metrics like keywords, landing pages, ads, etc.

If you run your website or blog, then you can monetize with Google Adsense and earn money from Google.

Here, I am sharing some platforms where you can sell your services or products through advertisements.

Google Adwords: It is the most popular and online advertising platform developed by Google. You can get instant traffic and quality traffic with the use of Google Adwords.

E.g., My friend is running IELTS coaching classes. So, they have advertised on Google through Google AdWords. First, they have created a beautiful landing page, ad, proper use of the keyword. Now, he is getting traffic and getting calls from students. 

Amazon Product ads: 

If you have an ecommerce website, then you can list your product on Amazon, and it helps to drive sales.

Google Adsense: 

It is a leading advertising network on the internet to make money. Google pay the highest rates to their publishers, CPM(cost per impression). A blog with a good number of visitors/day is making good money from Adsense. Payment is made by cheque.


Chitika is a simple advertising network similar as Google Adsense.


Make money through media.net is very simple and easy. But, approval needs higher blog traffic.


Micro job sites provide you with work like signups, data entry, and survey to make money online. Below three websites are great examples of microjobs.


It is an online micro job site paid for doing simple tasks and offers like signups and ad posting. The minimum payout is 10$.


Amazon provides Mtruk, and you can easily make money by doing simple crowdsourcing jobs.


It is a gpt site in which you can get money for viewing ads, offers, and completing tasks. Free to join, and the minimum payout is 8$.

Domain or Website Flipping:

People are tired of buying the same products that everyone else has. And, they are willing to pay money for some handmade and unique. If you have handmade jewellery, arts, and crafts, then don’t worry, there are an online market place where you can sell your products.

1.Etsy: Create your store and get your work in front of thousands of buyers in minutes. One of the most popular marketplace to sell handmade stuff.

 2.eBay: It is an American multinational e-commerce platform where you can sell your products.

3.Cafepress: In this platform, you need to upload your design, get it approved, and they will print it on T-shirts, mugs, and posters.

4.spread shirt: Fantastic place to sell unique t-shirt designs.

Other marketplaces mentioned below.

  • OOdle
  • Zazzle
  • Gazelle

Answering Questions(Q/A):

Sometimes the search engine isn’t enough. That’s where Q/A sites com in. Get paid for answering questions and sharing opinions. You answers and advice make money for you.

Below sites are a great example of Q/A

Just answer: Probably the most Q&A site on the internet. They pay well, but you need to know your stuff. Credential and degree will help you to get money per answer.

Liveperson: Register as an expert and start answering over the phone, email, or over a live chat.

Other Q&A sites are mentioned below.

  • Webanswers.com
  • Bitwine
  • Weegy


Finally, the above are the best ways to work from home and make money. The success of earning depends on selecting a suitable and relevant platform.

If you find this post is helpful, please feel free to share and comment.

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