Top 10+ Off Page SEO Techniques in 2020

Top 10+ Off Page SEO Techniques in 2020

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your web traffic by getting higher position on web crawlers, for example, Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO can be divided into 2 parts :- On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. At the point when comes to Off page SEO, it works outside the limits of your site and make your website visible on web. Off Page SEO techniques play a major part in improving your website position in SERPs.

Top 10+ Off Page SEO Techniques

1. Guest Posting

There are so many good blogging website on internet that offer guest posting services; you may post your own quality content on those sites to get good quality backlinks. Focus on quality content rather than quantity of content which makes your post more attractive and useful. Also don’t try to post multiple times on the same guest blogging site, always use different resources and higher DA, PA sites. Guest posting is a major Off Page SEO techniques in the current scenario.

List of Guest Posting Sites

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa RankSubmit
1.The Huffington Post 9367652Visit
5.Lemon Insights1225555,359Visit

Click Here to find more Guest Posting Sites List

2. Social Media Engagement

Social media is one of the major Off Page SEO techniques that plays a very important role in Off Page SEO. Make your website, blog or business more popular, you have to engage with people on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Presence on social media will help to grow your business and you get more backlinks for your site.

Top social networking sites

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa Rank

Click Here to find more Social Networking Sites

3. Creating the Shareable Content

Content is always the primary key factor in search engine optimization whether it’s On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Creating an amazing, informative and shareable content is the best way for getting more natural backlinks to the website. So you have to research and try to use a fresh content in your blog or website.

4. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking submission is one of the best Off Page SEO techniques to promote your website by bookmark your web page or article link on social bookmarking sites; as a result you gain a huge traffic to your website and search engines like Google consider providing better position on SERPs.

High PR Bookmarking Submission Sites List

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa Rank

Click Here to find more Bookmarking Submission Sites List

5. Forum Posting

Participating in forums is the great idea to build trust and quality backlinks in SEO. There are so many communities in forums, make a connection with people by replaying to thread which related to your website or business.

High PR Forum Submission Sites List

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa Rank 9463138 9461500

Click Here to find more Forum Submission Sites List

6. Directory Submission

Directory submission always been a natural link building method and still very effective. You need to choose right business category related to your niche. Definitely, it will take time (app. 3 to 6 month) but provide do-follow links to your website.

Free High PR Directory Submission Sites List

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa Rank

Click Here to find more Directory Submission Sites List

7. Article Submission

Again this is the best Off Page SEO techniques. Can you imagine posting your article on a high PR web submission directory can increase your keywords position by 43% in couple of months? But remember a low quality and spam content put very negative impact on ranking factors, so make sure about content quality before posting on article submission site.

Free High PR Article Submission Sites List

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa Rank

Click Here to find more Article Submission Sites List

 8. Question and Answer

One of the best ways to get high traffic is from QA websites like Quora, Yahoo, and stack over flow. Create your profile on high PR question and answer sites and search the questions related to your business, give clear answers with your website’s links that brings a huge traffic to your website.

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa Rank

Click Here to find more Q & A Submission Sites List

9. Video Submission

Video is trending in today’s digital world. Provide a proper title, description, and tags to your video while uploading on YouTube or any other resource. This is one of the more popular ways to get natural back links because all video submission websites have high PR.

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa Rank

Click Here to find more Video Submission Sites List

10. Image Submission

Image submission is also one of the best off page activities. Just create some creative image, related to your business to share with people. Before submitting an image you have to optimize that image with the correct title, description and URL.

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa Rank

Click Here to find more Image Submission Sites List

11. Infographics Submission

Now a day, infographics are getting so popular and easiest way of presentation about your services or business. Submit your infographics on and get huge reference to your webpage or article. The image sizes may differ according to requirements.

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa Rank

Click Here to find more Infographic Submission Sites List

12. Document Sharing

Create an informative and useful document of your business or blog. The documents may be a PDF or PPT. When your PDF or PPT available online, people can easily download and aware of your business. You can take content marketing services for best and unique content to prepare your document more impressive.

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa Rank

Click Here to find more Document Sharing Submission Sites List

13. Web 2.0 Submission

Web 2.0 is the best Off Page SEO techniques to get natural backlinks and traffic to website. In web 2.0, we can create a blog in high PR sub-domain resources like wordpress, tumblr, blogger and many more. You can post your article and get quality backlinks as well.

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa Rank

Click Here to find more Web 2.0 Submission Sites List

14. Press Release

S. No.WebsiteDAPAGlobal Alexa Rank

Click Here to find more Press Release Submission Sites List


Hope above information about Off Page SEO techniques will be helpful for you guys and now it’s your turn to implement these techniques to get positive results. If you find any doubts contact us @ Lemon Insights.

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