SEO vs Ad Campaigns | Which One is Better for Business?

SEO vs Ad Campaigns | Which One is Better for Business?

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There are many times when a business is not being able to decide as to what strategy it should undertake for online promotions, generally businesses opt for the strategy that can provide them with leads in the shortest time possible, and that’s quite normal.

Now lets have a look at which option can prove to be more beneficial for a business SEO or Ad Campaigns, without cancelling the potential of each of these two options.

Ad Campaigns

Ad Campaigns denotes using online ads platforms for business promotions or generating leads. Online Platforms such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, linked in ads, reddit ads and the like, where Google ads is particularly focused on running ads from the time of its inception, the others in the list of online platform for running ads simply started of as a social media platform which later on started the Ad Networks part inside it.

Ads types in all these platforms are pretty much the same, the advertisement types includes, Brand awareness ads, Reach ads, Engagement ads, Lead generation ads, Conversion ads, Display ads, Ads based on specific keywords and much more, but over a span of 5 years businesses have benefited manifolds from ads of these kinds especially the Ecommerce sector, the display ads that you see on the right hand side of your computer screen or to the top of it and even down the search engine results of shoes, t shirts, electronic appliances , etc are all powered by Google Ads.

How useful is it ?

#1 Ad Campaings is a great way for creating brand awareness, brand promotions and generating leads for businesses that are medium sized or large in size, this wasn’t the case couple of years back but with more and more businesses taking interest in running online ads, these ad platforms ads prices have also skyrocketed, thus if you are not spending enough, chances are your reach wont increase or you won’t be able to generate sufficient leads.

#2 Ads are not permanent, that is once you run out of your budget, your business won’t be shown to people looking for your product/services on the targetted keywords any longer, you would need to refill your budget back again so that your ads could run again.

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#3 Leads are just Leads, if your running ads with the lead generation objective, chances are you would need to convert them, even with three levels of targetting, getting leads with high intent seems difficult, even with conversion ads, leads would need offline conversions, so if there is a dedicated, sales person, only can you then expect a good Leads to Conversion ratio.

#4 Ecommerce Products are likely to benefit the most from it, as people are mostly searching for products online these days and they are preffering to buy things online, so if there is a dedicated payment portal and an attractive landing page only then can you expect an increase in sales, as you know everything runs on AIDA(Attention. Interest, Desire, Action) principle in the internet.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically a technique where efforts are made to rank a website on specifically targetted keywords that are capable of bringing relevant traffic to the website and the effects of it is permanent.

Search Engine optimization takes time, patience and skills to get it right, and its a long term process, it involves doing On page SEO and Off Page SEO of a website, On page SEO, includes Title tag, Meta Tag optimization, Latent semantic indexing, usage of right keywords for the website etc, Off-Page SEO on the other hand includes Link building, Local SEO, Global SEO, Business listing etc.

How useful is it ?

#1 It takes right set of skills to rank a website, it must rank on relevant and valuable keywords, and must link to high da pa websites, the more valuable links it has to it, the more trustworthy it would be for google and this will reflect in its rankings, only A SEO Expert is capable of doing this using white hat methods, and SEO Experts are difficult to find.

#2 Google updates can flush all the efforts, Google ranks a website on different metrics and these metrics keeps on changing every year with different Google updates so the strategies that optimised the website in the previous year may work in the adverse way in the current year.

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#3 Its a long term process, it takes 90 days to even 1 year to rank or even more than that to rank a website on relevant keywords that can bring relevant traffic to the website, so you cannot expect much on the go.

#4 It requires constant nurturing, and that can prove to be pretty expensive but its expensive cause you do not get any instant returns from it unlike ad campaigns,but considering the impact of it in the long run, this method can prove to be a game changer,

Conclusion : –

Each of the option has its own advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on the time frame you are ready to allot to a particular online promotion method, where Ad Campaigns is a short term process and the effects of it is temporary there SEO is a time consuming process but the effects of it is long lasting, which means SEO if done correctly and constantly can prove to be beneficial for a company in the long run.

We hope that our piece helped to understand the complexity of the topic. Don’t forget to share your feedback down below in the comment box. If any query contact us @ Lemon Insights.

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Lemon Insights is the platform to learn about the digital marketing, blogging tips, making money online, affiliate marketing, Wordpress. Lemon Insights is the platform to learn about the digital marketing, blogging tips, making money online, affiliate marketing, Wordpress. Lemon Insights is the platform to learn about the digital marketing, blogging tips, making money online, affiliate marketing, Wordpress.Lemon Insights is the platform to learn about the digital marketing, blogging tips.

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