20+ Best WordPress Plugins for Every Blogger in 2020

20+ Best WordPress Plugins for Every Blogger in 2020

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If you have a WordPress blog or website, then it is essential to make sure you are using the must-have best wordpress plugins for your blog. As we all know that WordPress is one of the Best Blogging Platforms, and when you start a blog, you have to make it as perfect as you can, so We use the best WordPress Plugins to make things happen to your blog.

There are so many plugins that you can use on your wordpress blog. There are free and paid plugins available. 

The best WordPress plugins for your blog.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

If your blog is on the wordpress platform, then the essential thing is to keep in mind is backup your wordpress data with time to time because you might need it in some problematic situations if your website is hacked or mistakenly locked. Backup is crucial because it downloads your website to your computer or cloud server in the form of the file where it is kept secure, and you can easily backup your website when needed.

In the market, there are many wordpress hosting services that offer limited backup services so that I will advise you to backup your website, so Below, I have mentioned some free and premium best wordpress plugins to backup your website.

Backup Buddy

Best WordPress Plugins

Backup Buddy is one of the best and most popular premium wordpress backup plugins that will backup your wordpress blog automatically regularly, and you can also schedule daily, weekly, and monthly backups. It will store your backups on cloud storage like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, and you can also receive it directly in your Email.


Best WordPress Plugins

UpdraftPlus is the best free wordpress backup plugin and provides you with the facility to create the complete backup of your website and downloads it to your computer. This plugin can offer you on-demand backups as well as schedule backups. It can also automatically upload/store your backups to the cloud servers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, Email, FTP, and many others.

Updraft also has a premium plan which you can choose and get some more extra features that have add-ons to migrate or duplicate site, search and replace the database. It also gives you the facility to access priority support.

Security and Maintenance Plugins For WordPress

It is essential to take a look at the security of your wordpress blog and protect your website from hackers, spammers, and bots that try to login to your website in various ways. You should take good care of your website maintenance and security to keep your website safe and healthy. Below I have listed the best security wordpress plugins to use in your blog to make your blog stay safe.

Wordfence Security

Best WordPress Plugins

Wordfence WordPress Plugin is my favorite and recommended plugin to use for the security of my blog. It gives you extra protection by locking the people who are trying to access the login of your website and also blocks the IP of users and bots that are trying to hack your website. You can receive notifications by email about the security of your website if anything suspicious happens with your wordpress site.

It also provides you with a premium version that gives you extra support and helps you whenever you are in trouble.


Jetpack WordPress Plugin

Jetpack is a powerful plugin that is automatic (the team behind WordPress), and it is added in advance when you install WordPress. It provides you with a bunch of features that can make your website look different and better than before. Jetpack takes off your website stats, security, performance, image optimization, social shares, website appearance, and much more.

W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache wordpress plugin

This plugin is potent and improves the speed and performance of your website. W3 Total Cache is a plugin that stores cache of your website data temporarily to make your website load faster for the users who had visited before. This plugin will improve your search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) WordPress Plugins

SEO plugins are used to help you in generating website traffic. So I have listed some best wordpress plugins, which will help you to create more traffic to your website. You can add your keywords and description for search engine results to improve your search engine visibility and rankings.

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WordPress SEO by Yoast (Free)

Yoast SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO Yoast a popular and best wordpress plugins for search engine optimization. It takes control of almost everything related to the SEO for your wordpress website. While you create your posts, this plugin will help you choose the perfect wording and keywords to use in your posts to get ranking in google search results.

But you have to keep in mind that only installing this plugin won’t work for you until you use it properly and get benefit from it.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin

It is a very great time-saving plugin for users who can directly check their analytics stats right from their WordPress dashboard. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for wordpress helps you to easily connect to your Google Analytics account from your WordPress blog. You can see your analytics reports like page views and most visited posts from your WordPress dashboard. Well, it is not necessary, but it’s worth adding.

Google XML Sitemaps :- Best WordPress Plugins


Google XML Sitemap is the best sitemap plugin for wordpress, which can easily create a perfect sitemap for your wordpress blog. WordPress SEO by Yoast also provides you with a sitemap facility, but Google XML Sitemaps makes it a lot easier for us to generate a sitemap for wordpress.

To add the sitemap to Google webmaster tools, you need to go to the plugin settings and copy the URL provided by it and past it in Google Webmaster Tools, and that’s it! You have created and submitted a wordpress sitemap.

All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

rich-snippets plugin

As you might have seen some special kind of information like star ratings, the number of reviews and images below some of the web pages present in the search results. They take a look at user interests and pick some extra information that the users might want to know such information and ratings are called Rich Snippets.

Rich snippets are the best way to get the beautiful appearance of your posts and pages in search engine results. These snippets highlight the primary information about the page/post, and this is the best way to get more clicks to your website in search engines.

WP Smush (Image Optimization)


To give some beauty to your wordpress posts, we use images to attract the user’s attention, but sometimes using a lot of pictures may need some storage, and it can also slow down your website speed and might disturb your visitor.

WP Smush image optimization plugin is the best to use as it compresses your images into smaller sizes and makes your website load faster. It deals with several kind of image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, and compresses it with its excellent tools to make your website performance better.

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Internal Link Generator

Internal links are vital as it works for the ranking of your websites in the search engines like Google and Bing. Interlinking your content with your website pages through relevant keywords is the best way to improve your website SEO and increase website traffic.

Internal Link Generator is one of the best SEO Plugins for wordpress. It automatically interlinks the keywords to the related posts from your site. So in this way, your site can create a lot of link juice (Internal Links), and this is how you can improve your website ranking.

You have the options in settings to set how many times a keyword should use the internal link and how many internal links to show in your posts.

WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

The Social Sharing wordpress plugins are used to display sharing buttons of your favorite social networks, which can let your visitors socialize and share your posts on the top social networks to increase more visitors to your website.

Social Icons :- Best WordPress Plugins


There is no doubt that social media is the popular platform for users who are increasing day by day. So if you use social media on your website, you can even increase website traffic from social networks and also promote your website.

It is a free plugin that is here to help you with almost everything you need related to social sharing. It is one of the best social sharing wordpress plugins which can help you add social icons to your posts and pages via shortcodes and widgets. This plugin supports more than 100 social networks, which you can add to your website for social sharing, and you also have the choice to edit the social icons like round-shaped, box-shaped, etc. To make your website appearance more beautiful.

Frizzly – Social Share Buttons


You may be using a lot of plugins for your social sharing, but using more and more plugins will also slow down the speed of your website and will also look messy.

If you want everything in one solution so I will recommend Frizzly, which is the best social sharing plugin buttons which you should use in your blog, you can add social sharing buttons from popular social networks like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, linkedin and much more.

You can add these sharing buttons to your images, posts, and pages as it will help your visitors to share your content more and more.

Subscriber and Community Building Plugins WordPress

These plugins help you in creating your community and engage with your users and visitors. The subscriber plugins used for building a relationship with your readers as if they subscribe to your blog. They will receive an email every time you create a new post on your blog.

MailChimp For WordPress


One of the most popular email marketing plugins for WordPress is MailChimp. This Email WP Plugin helps you get more subscribers in your MailChimp list in various ways. You can create your opt-in forms more beautiful as this plugin provides you with a lot of design options, and you can also integrate it with your other forms in your wordpress like Contact form, Comment, or Checkout.

You can connect to MailChimp in seconds, and you have full control over your sign up forms as they are user-friendly, good looking, and also optimized for mobiles. You can integrate it with plugins like Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Ninja Forms 3, and a lot more.

OptinMonster :- Best WordPress Plugins


Want more subscribers? If yes, then this is the time to convert your visitors into subscribers with OptinMonster. It is the best subscriber plugin for wordpress to use in your WP blog.

OptinMonster is easy to use with its drag and drop builder, which creates beautiful forms for you. You can have multiple types of forms like lightbox popup, floating bars, slide-ins, sidebar, and much more. The most fabulous feature which I think in it is that it does not disturbs your visitors by popping up suddenly anyone visits your website. Still, it gives some time for your visitor to read your content, and when the visitor is about to leave, they will see a beautiful popup which they will love to subscribe.

CommentLuv :- Best WordPress Plugins


Do you want to increase comments on your wordpress blog? Then CommentLuv has some unique features which can increase your blog comments and traffic to your website. To get more comments, you have to reward your readers, so they will love to comment on your posts again.

CommentLuv is a free plugin that rewards your commenters with a link to the recent post they have made in their blog. They will love to get a backlink to their website, and your comments will start increasing because everyone wants a backlink to their blog.

You can also try the CommentLuv Premium version, which has a lot of extra options that you can use in your blog. You can reward your commenters with additional links, or you can check the analytics from where your commenters are coming.

Comment Reply Email Notification

Sometimes we comment on a website and ask a question, but if we get a reply on our comment, we don’t know if someone replied or not, and this is not good for your WP blog because it is a wrong impression on your blog.

To get rid of that, Comment Reply Email Notification is the best plugin for comment replies. Whenever anyone comments on your post, they will get a notification email whenever there is a new comment or reply to that post. This way, you can improve your web traffic and show people that you are an active owner of the website.

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Comment Redirection:- Best WordPress Plugins

You should introduce the community of your website to your new visitors. Still, the best way to do that is using a Comment Redirection plugin, which you will help you welcome a new user to your website’s community.

Comment Redirection is a free wordpress plugin, and it does all the work for you automatically. You need to set everything up in the plugin setting. Afterward, when anyone comments on your post, they will be redirected to a welcome to our community page, which will show a great impression and a sign of thank you for the user who commented on your website.

Best Contact Form Plugins WordPress

The Contact Form Plugins are used in your blogs to create a perfect and beautiful contact form for your users to contact you if they have any questions or problems. There are several contact form plugins, but I have listed the best contact form plugin for wordpress.

Contact Form 7 :- Best WordPress Plugins


Every website needs to have a contact page/form because it is necessary for the visitors to contact the website owner in any issue or question.

Contact Form 7 provides you the ability to create multiple forms and manage them with this excellent plugin. You don’t need to do any coding you can set up and customize everything in the settings page. This contact form supports Akismet filtering, which can help from spam, Ajax-powered submitting, and Captcha. 

More Recommended Plugins

I know i have listed a lot of plugins above, but i want to give you more so I have listed some more recommended plugins which are essential to use in your wordpress blog.

Akismet :- Best WordPress Plugins


Askimet is a default plugin in wordpress that helps you to moderate and check your blog comments automatically. It helps you from spamming comments and securing your website from spammers.

Ajax Contact Forms

It is a great plugin that is built-in with JQuery, and it easily integrates into your wordpress blog. It is easy and simple to use, and it also has an inbuilt twitter direct messaging feature.

Login Lockdown


Login Lockdown is an essential and excellent security plugin that helps your wordpress blog to stay protected by hackers, and it gives you every detail of every login made to your wordpress account.

SEO Image Optimizer

SEO Image Optimizer helps you to automatically add alt text and Title attribution to all your blog images and rank your images higher in search engines, and this is a great way to increase website traffic from images.

24-  CloudFare for WordPress

Cloudfare WordPress Plugin

Cloud Fare protects your blog from spammers. It also shows the real IP addresses of the commenters of your blog. Cloudflare will protect your website from hacking and will also help you to improve your site speed and load it faster than before.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

It is a related posts plugin that makes a related posts box on the bottom of your posts and shows relevant content inside your website. So it is a great plugin as it helps your users to stay on your site for longer and browse more content from you site.

Did I Miss Your Favorite Plugin ?

So these were the essential wordpress plugins you should have in your wordpress blog. If you think that I missed any plugin that should be present to a wordpress blog, then help me and list it down in the comments below, and I will surely add it to my list of must-have best wordpress plugins. I hope you liked this post, and if you have any questions, you can still ask, and don’t forget to share.

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