10 Most Common Mobile App Development Myths

10 Most Common Mobile App Development Myths

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With over 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, the mobile app industry is thriving. However, mobile app development companies don’t discredit the myths surrounding the industry.

Here, we debunk the 10 most common myths about mobile app development.

Custom Mobile App Development costs are expensive

Let’s say you want to create a dating app. The first quote with multiple zeroes might make an off-the-shelf standard app seem cheaper. However, even the most basic off-the-shelf has hidden costs. With all the recurrent updates, custom app development would actually save more in the long run.

Porting isn’t hard

Porting is not easy. Even though you might have completed the design, it is an intense process. Developers need to translate the code; designers need to apply unique designing principles; and bugs need to be cleared. It is a thorough process that needs both time and effort.

A bug-free app is possible

It is the developer’s mirage. There hasn’t been a single program written that has zero error.  Software is sentient and constantly evolving. Any bugs should simply be considered as stepping stones.

Changes can be implemented at any stage with Agile Development

Making changes once the project has already begun can be a hindrance. Even a small change can cause a ripple through the whole architecture, resulting in bugs. This leads to increased costs. So, be careful about any unnecessary changes to the user interface.

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More members in team means equals faster results

Unlike traditional production cycles, software development does not work quicker with more members in the team.

Application development is a complex endeavour. More people means more resources, more time, and more cost. They can be the experts of custom mobile app development, but still need time to familiarise themselves. This might even lead to an even longer delay in release, so it’s better to keep the original team unless necessary.

The app is done after release

That’s a myth! The testers, developers, and support managers have only graduated to another phase of the process.

The users play key roles in post-launch development. Their feedback becomes ideas for future updates of your app. In an ideal situation, you should have a blueprint of your app’s growth over time.

App store optimization will increase traffic

With over 3.8 million apps in the Android App Store and 2 million apps in the iOS App Store, optimisation alone will not attract traffic. As the saying goes, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

The trick here to how you showcase your app. It could be a tourism mobile application or a restaurant app – it’s the app itself that will generate traffic for you. While ASO does play a role in that, social media, marketing, and targeting are key.

More features means better app

Not true! An app with too many features usually ends up being bloated, unresponsive, prone to too many memory hogs, and a disaster for functional issues. Your app is not your website.

There is a singular purpose for it – could be a personal trainer management app or simply a reminder app. Rather than overpopulating the app with features, focus on features that are essential and will deliver a better user experience.

Native app development is the best

While native mobile application does provide the best mobile experience, in some cases, it might prove to be a bad choice. It solely and entirely depends on your target audience. It has to be defined by the purpose of your app, i.e. when and why the users use your app. In many cases, you don’t need a native app – a hybrid or a web app might do just as well.

iOS is the priority

While that might be true for some apps, like photography and editing apps (due to iPhone’s excellent camera quality), it does not hold true for every app. This is determined by your target audience and what they use. It would be more cost and resource-efficient if you already knew the prioritised platform.

Wrapping Up

The more smartphones and mobile apps people use, the more myths like this are perpetuated. As both a user and a developer, it’s important to debunk the baseless myths and understand the ones with a grain of truth in them.

The most cost-friendly option for you is to find an in-between like Xpress Apps – where majority of your app is prebuilt and there is room for customisation.

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